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Special 'Thank You' to Jocelyn!

This very first post is meant to be a public 'thank you' to a very valuable representative of BreeSoft.  Jocelyn brings so much to the table that makes her a very worthy asset to BreeSoft.

Her ability to so easily make all clients of BreeSoft feel welcome is one of the most frequent comments I hear from our clients.  Jocelyn has a superb customer-relations skill set that sets her apart from literally thousands of others.  They say first impressions always last and I am very proud to know that the first impression clients have of BreeSoft includes Jocelyn's smile and genuine eagerness to help others.

Coupled with her ever-growing technical and book-keeping skills, she is proving to be the best addition to the BreeSoft team. Having worked so hard as a one man show to build BreeSoft, it is so nice to finally feel I have a real partner in the business.  There is no doubt that without her, BreeSoft would not have reached the level of success it has.

So, thank you Jocelyn for being you and helping BreeSoft reach such great heights with so much more potential to go even farther.